Knaggs USA Masterbuilt Severn 2015 T3 Spalted Maple Ebony FB (rare) Turquoise 6 String Guitar


How would I describe this guitar? This is the nicest looking, feeling, sounding guitar I have ever held in my hands! It is a masterpiece. It’s one of those guitars that plays as good as it looks! It’s “The One” X Caliber! Enough said. Here are the specs.Knaggs Severn Trembuck T3
Serial 503
Body – Spalted Maple / Alder
Color – Natural / Turquoise
Neck Wood – Rock Maple
Fingerboard – Ebony (Which is very rare for Knaggs)
Dot Inlays
Hardware – Nickel
Gotoh Trem
Graphite Nut
Dunlop Strap Locks
Pickups – JB / SH2N
Strings 10 – 46
Weight 7.4